Scikotics Car Club Invades Tulsa With Modified Scions

Monday, June 8th 2009, 12:49 pm
By: News On 6

Chris Howell,

TULSA, OK -- If you noticed a high number of Toyota Scions in Tulsa over the weekend, it's thanks to a gathering organized by the Scikotics car club.

"Scikotics was created in Tulsa about four or five years ago," said Rob Wintercorn from Scikotics National.  "A group of about five, six people, we got the idea to go national with this craziness of just taking our Scions and going to another level and making them show-worthy."

And now the popularity of the easily-modified Toyota brand has pushed the Scikotics club into international territory.

"We have fifty chapters in the United States, Puerto Rico, Russia, Guam and pretty soon Hawaii," said Rob.

Flashy wheels, turbos, bizarre paint jobs, insane body modifications, colorful lights and even flame-throwers delight the fans.  And of course many boast killer audio systems.

"There's a total of 36 speakers on it," said Cedar Rapids Scikotic Dave Fuchs.  "There's 12 ten-inch subs on it, it's got a little over 4000 watts going through the system.  It's got a nice 26-inch Visio TV in the backs that we modified and a lot of lights."

"Scions are your own individuality in cars," explained Teressa Colucci.  "They come out as a base model, basically a kit-car, you get to put your own individuality into it.  We have six monitors, a lot of entertainment.  More for people to look at."

And you can't help but look at these heavily-modified street machines.  "It just blows people away that there's that many of a weird car, that there's that many of us into them," said Wintercorn.