Mounds School Bus Tires Slashed

Monday, February 9th 2009, 10:47 pm
By: News On 6

By Joshua Brakhage, The News On 6

MOUNDS, OK -- Students are stranded after vandals target the tires on an entire fleet of school buses.  The Mounds School District is in a pinch with every bus out of commission.

Students on one Mounds bus had to be rescued when the tires went flat mid-route.  The incident got administrators checking and they found tires on every bus had been punctured.

"This type of activity takes so much at a time when budgets are so tight, and then to have to take monies from that budget for something so unnecessary," said Mounds Superintendent Gary Lundy.

Schools in Kiefer and Sapulpa pitched in lending buses so students could be taken home. 

With a problem this widespread, there's no quick fix.  There aren't enough tires in town to fix the flats.  The local tire shop is scrambling to round-up enough tires to get the fleet rolling again.

"I'm just hopeful that someone will come forward and let us know so we can put a stop to this kind of nonsense," said Mounds Superintendent Gary Lundy.

Replacing all the tires will cost $10,000.  The superintendent says that should be covered by insurance.