Wedding Whim - Jami Pope & Seth Canady

Tuesday, January 6th 2009, 10:08 am
By: News On 6

From Childhood Friends To Bride And Groom

It was 1980 something, when two four-year olds were seen playing together on a hill of dirt next to a baseball field. One was a little girl with a blonde ponytail, and the other was a little boy, also with blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Their brothers, just two years older than they were, played ball on the same team with their dads doing some coaching and moms cheering them on from the grandstand. It would only be a few years until these two shared a first grade classroom and fought over the prize Easter egg at the school's holiday party.

It was 1990 something, when the girl and boy became close friends while in middle school. At the end of their eighth grade year, the girl and boy would team up to win the wheel barrow race in the school's spring field day. Both girl and boy would hang with the same crowd of other classmates, eat lunch together at the same table, attend the same sports events, and plan the mischievous things that they would do together when they were just a little older.

It was early 2000 something, when on many occasions you would see the girl and boy riding together up and down the Main Street of the rural town named Skiatook. Always stopping short of getting into trouble by parents, teachers, and coaches, the two would share many laughs and fun with a large number of their friends. The girl played softball and the boy played baseball, both on winning teams. When their senior prom came around, neither was dating anyone, so they attended the prom together - as friends.

Wedding Whim couple Jami Pope and Seth Canady After high school graduation, Jami Pope headed east to Northeastern State University to pursue her education degree. Seth Canady headed west to pitch on the Northern Oklahoma College Jet's baseball team, and enroll in general studies coursework. Seth would complete his two-year program in Enid and then enroll at Northeastern Technology Center in Afton where he successfully completed the marine power technician program.

Early in 2008, Jami and Seth both returned to Skiatook to live. While hanging out with all of their friends at the area lake, Jami and Seth quickly discovered that they still very much liked to hang out and play together. This past summer they spent hours boating, fishing, and tracking through the woods together enjoying the wildlife. Because Seth liked to scuba dive, Jami got her certification and they look forward to one day diving together. Their friendship has matured to a new level and now they want to do things together for the rest of their lives.

It was November 28, 2008, when Seth proposed marriage to Jami, and she happily accepted. Both Jami and Seth have a large family that lives in the area and are very supportive of the two getting married. Twenty-three year-old Jami could better plan a wedding during the summer school break because she is a fourth grade teacher in the Owasso Public School District. On the other hand, 24-year-old Seth will be very busy during the summer months at the boat marina which he recently purchased. They really did not want to wait until next fall to be married but knew that they needed more time for financial planning of the rings, wedding and honeymoon.

Jami and Seth love simple things and appreciate the material things that hard work, determination and planning bring to them. They want to make a home in Skiatook, which is close to Seth's business and both of their families. Jami and Seth also want to be available to help out with Seth's younger brother who has Down's syndrome.

Jami and Seth feel that they deserve this wedding because of the commitment they have not only made to each other, but the commitment they have made to be a role model as a teacher, brother/sister-in-law, and as community business leaders. They are both early morning risers and think that the time and date of The News On 6 2009 Wedding Whim is just perfect for both of them. They are anxious to have everyone celebrate with them when they become husband and wife at their dream wedding they hope to win.

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