Wedding Whim - Nichole Hughes & Coy Burton

Tuesday, January 6th 2009, 10:06 am
By: News On 6

My fiance, Nichole, is the most amazing person I have ever came into contact with. On November 13th 2007, while setting behind the teller line of American Heritage bank (where we first met) she recieved a phone call that would forever change her life.

That day her father, her hero, her world passed away leaving her with two choices: 1. She could give up and blame the world or 2. She could look at her life, the blessings in the midst of the storms, and turn what life threw at her into a miracle.

It is so amazing what becomes of a person when they decide to be someones everything, and I am so glad that she has decided to be mine. The way she smiles, when she has little to smile about, the way she loves when the one person she loved most dearly is gone from her life, and the way she gives when life has given her little.

Wedding Whim couple Nichole Hughes and Coy Burton

Being with Nichole has taught me that my faith in God is always what makes me the man I am, that I can do anything I put my mind to but if I do fail she will love me all the same: But more then anything she has given me the ability to live, laugh and love, the ability to cherish someone so precious, and to see that true beauty can still be found.

"Love is patient love is kind" is something that has only been a verse in the Bible but once God blessed me with Nikki I now realize this is living proof. She is more then my love, more then my fiance, more then my everything: She is my hero, someone who was dealt a terrible hand but rose above and showed myself and everyone in her life the true beauty found inside a Godly woman.

God has blessed me with a truly precious gift, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life, please help me bless her with a dream come true.

Thank you all,

Coy Burton and the future Mrs. Nichole Burton

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