Blind Child Has Gifts Stolen

Monday, December 29th 2008, 9:26 pm
By: News On 6

By Jeffrey Smith, News On 6

UNDATED -- A blind eight-year-old boy had his Christmas presents stolen while away for holiday break. His mom says many of his new toys were specially designed for the blind.

Jodie Major says she does everything she can to help her blind son succeed in life, but after this Christmas, her whole world is shattered.

Major stepped back into her apartment for the first time on Monday since thieves struck earlier this week and she can't believe what the criminals did to her kids.

"My son had a V-Tech machine, and they took it, but left the games. And left the cords to it," said Major.

Major is a single mom with three kids. Her middle child, Dawson, is blind and disabled and earlier this year, she moved to Muskogee to enroll him in the Parkview School for the Blind.

"He needs it, and I moved here for him. And he's doing so good there," said Major.

A few days before Christmas, Major took the kids to Kingfisher for Christmas break. On her first night away, she received a call that her apartment had been broken into.

The next night, the door was again kicked in and the thieves made off with the Christmas presents, but they weren't all ordinary gifts.

"His radio, of course, and he had received some presents from the School for the Blind," said Major.

Dawson's toys were special and now they're gone.

"One was a story reader. And my son loves to listen to stories and music and things like that. Things that tell him things. He loves that, he loves them very, very much. And the Story Reader had not even been taken out of the box yet," said Major.

The crooks stole clothes, even a couch, but she says that's not the worst part.

"It's the hardest thing to have to tell your kids you're going to come back home and all your stuff is gone," said Major.

Major says she plans on moving to a different apartment complex, but as a single mom, she says she doesn't know where to go. She says she'd like to stay in Muskogee for her son's education, but isn't sure that's a possibility now.

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