Some Tulsa Area Schools Reschedule Exams

Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 4:42 pm
By: News On 6

By Craig Day, The News On 6

UNDATED -- Wintery weather causes a flurry of questions about student testing. The icy weather forced many schools to close and for some that means midterm exams are on ice until after the winter break.  While the days off from school are fun for kids, it's not as much fun for teachers and administrators trying to stick to an academic calendar.

School districts plan for snow and ice days, but with this ice storm, the timing isn't very good.  Most students were supposed to take semester tests before winter break.

"Without question, the weather has affected our schedule and planning in terms of giving our semester exams," said Union Assistant Superintendent Kirt Hartzler.

Union Schools is among several area districts that have now pushed tests back to after the break.  The layoff isn't ideal, but administrators say they don't want to rush students into taking tests without enough review days.

"In some ways you have to look at this as an OK thing, from now the kids and teachers will have a little more time, maybe not as stressful, in terms of preparing for those finals," said Union Assistant Superintendent Kirt Hartzler.

On the other hand, Tulsa Public Schools, which held classes Wednesday, is in a different position. 

TPS leaves it up to each of the nine individual high schools to decide scheduling tests.

"Got a little nervous when we didn't have school Monday, didn't have school Tuesday and thought uh-oh what are we going to do now?" said Memorial High School Principal Elizabeth Martin.

At Memorial, that means students will test this week before school lets out.

"I know that a lot of my teachers started last week, reviewing and finishing up term papers and projects and that sort of thing.  So I think we're OK.  I think we're on schedule and we'll manage, we'll manage to get through," said Memorial High School Principal Elizabeth Martin.

For students not taking tests right away, it's hoped between the hockey and the holidays there will be some home study mixed in, too.

Jenks and Owasso will wait until after the holiday break for tests.  Coweta is leaning toward waiting until after the break.  Claremore High School is on a block schedule, which will enable them to test before the break.  Bixby is on a trimester schedule which doesn't end until February.