Feature Film Brings Hollywood To Tulsa

Tuesday, December 9th 2008, 5:58 pm
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan, News on 6

TULSA, OK -- A little bit of Hollywood has come to Tulsa, but it's only after some Tulsans went to Hollywood. A feature film is being shot in Tulsa. It's a movie called "The Rock and Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher."

A lot of Tulsans are a part of it and more can be, they're still needing extras.

On Tuesday, the cameras were rolling at a bar in Brookside.

The set of a movie is whirlwind of activity and on one set in particular, it's almost all Oklahomans.

Many of the production workers, extras and actors have Tulsa roots.

"First and foremost I wanted to do something in Tulsa. And I had several friends in L.A. who are either from here or who had experience in Tulsa and loved it, and I brought them all back to do this, which has been great," said Jack Roberts, screenwriter/actor."

Jack Roberts plays the lead role of Duncan Christopher, the son of a rock star working through his feelings after his father's death.

It's set in Tulsa. Shot in Tulsa. And the director, a Tulsan, would like to see this kind of thing happen more often.

"Doing more films in Tulsa would bring more revenue here. Hopefully it's going to stick and all of our exports, our talent, they're not going to L.A. and New York, they're staying here and they can get jobs here and do films here," said Justin Monroe, director.

"He kind of knew me, but I liked the role, a lot," said Marshall Bell, actor.

Marshall Bell is one of those former Tulsans with a solid Hollywood career. Like many of the people on the set, Bell enjoys being back home.

"The good part about it is, when you're off, it's my hometown, and a lot of it is emotional. The two houses I lived in when I grew up are torn down now, but I've had a great time getting reacquainted with family," said Bell.

The movie wraps production at the end of the week, after a month of shooting in Tulsa.

The production company needs more extras. To be a part of the movie, extras can just show up at 34th and Peoria, behind the old Delta Café. That's where they'll be shooting Wednesday.