Policy Could Mean Empty Seats At Bedlam

Monday, November 24th 2008, 6:38 pm
By: News On 6

By Craig Day, The News On 6

UNDATED -- It's ESPN's Game of the Week.  With so much at stake, why will there be thousands of empty seats? 

Nearly a week out, fans are already lining up on the OSU campus for Bedlam.

"We can camp out with up to 10 people in our tent and we get in earlier than most fans, so we get good seats, get down close," said OSU fan Chris Docks.

While these fans have their tickets, others say going to the game will be a challenge.  Under a new policy, no single game tickets are being sold for Bedlam.  Instead, fans have to buy OSU season tickets at a minimum of nearly $300.

"It seems like the OU fans who just want to go to the one game, are the ones that are just wanting to go to the Bedlam game, for OSU fans it's a great deal, and for OU fans, maybe not so great a deal," said OSU fan John Rayment.

"We're going to watch it on TV, you know," said OU fan Murrell Kaonohi.

Murrell Kaonohi had hoped to go to the game while visiting relatives for Thanksgiving.  That's before she learned of OSU's new ticket policy.

"I think it kind of stinks you know, like how are fans supposed to go.  It's a huge game, even people who are not even big 12 people want to go to the game," said OU fan Murrell Kaonohi.

The university says the goal is to grow season ticket sales, which has worked with OSU setting a season ticket sales record.  Fans who get single Bedlam game tickets from other sources, can expect to pay $150 on up to well over $1,000.

"Just too much money.  Forget it.  That's ridiculous," said OU fan Murrell Kaonohi.

And, though the new policy will likely mean some empty seats, OSU says their strategy is more about long term success.