LeAnne Taylor - Survivor Week Eight

Monday, November 17th 2008, 10:25 am
By: News On 6

Finally- the merge! But not before one more reward challenge for the teams.

Fang and Kota engaged in a little Survivor-style golf. My husband (who's a big golfer) is ready to try this sling-shot version of the sport. Both sides played well and despite a little tension at the very end, Fang tribe won the reward. That meant the gang got to a Gabonese village and participate in true African culture. What fun! 

Meanwhile, Bob got sent to Exile Island. I was hoping there'd be a new Immunity Idol somewhere to be found, but no such luck. But Bob is a player and a smart cookie. He decided to fashion a "fake" necklace.

His plan; put it in his back-pack and let the others snoop around. They won't know the difference and may think he's got an Immunity Idol! I hope it pays off in the long run! 

I've been waiting for the merge for weeks! Now the two tribes are one.  

NOBAG! Gabon spelled backwards? Come on! How about a little creativity? With the merge came an individual immunity challenge.

Little Miss Susie nailed it! She built that fire while the boys could only watch. Good for her!

Little Kenny is quite the snake! He sure worked the gossip chain and got his side to blind-side Charley, Sorry, Charley!

Once again, weak player unite to victory. That's great strategy!

LeAnne Taylor