Art Car Weekend Revving Up

Friday, May 16th 2008, 9:19 pm
By: News On 6

The fourth Annual Tulsa Art Car Weekend is revving up. It's sponsored by the Living Arts of Tulsa, whose mission is to stimulate creative thinking in Green Country.

"I'm only hoping that next year maybe I can add different elements to it. Who knows? Just make it a real eye catcher," said art car designer Wes Jackson.

"We built a special frame and put a big airplane engine on it. We put a big propeller on it. We start the airplane engine up and it actually blows us down the street," said Dave and Irene Major.

Living Arts hopes the event will encourage more people to join the Tulsa Art Car Club.

So if you see a big phone driving around Tulsa, don't worry its all part of Art Car weekend 2008.

 There are no rules when it comes to designing an Art Car. And sometimes it seems no real theme.

"This car gets very good miles. It gets nine cents a minute and miles of smiles," said Hunter Mann.


Friday, May 16th - 7: 15 pm:  Art Cars at the Admiral Twin Drive-On featuring at intermission an Art Car Film.

Saturday May 17th - Art Car Convoy

8am: The Coffee House on Cherry Street

10am: BOK Parking lot

11am: Whole Foods, 41st and Peoria

2pm: Art Car Parade Downtown Tulsa

2:30pm-9pm: Art Cars at the Blue Dome Arts Festival

4pm: Art Box Car Parade

5pm: Art Box car awards, Main Stage Blue Dome Arts Festival

9pm-12am: The Art Car Rockabilly Ball (Roadhouse in the Blue Dome Diner)