Recycling Shop Celebrates Earth Day

Monday, April 21st 2008, 5:38 pm
By: News On 6

Tuesday is Earth Day, a day established in 1970, to focus on the environment.  It's not too late to do something for the planet.  The News On 6's Rick Wells reports on a way to make a little money turning trash into cash.

All of us have some aluminum cans lying around somewhere.  They're like pennies in a drawer.  Some of us have bags full in the garage or out in the barn.

There's real money in those cans.  At least one metal recycling place in Tulsa has jacked up the price they're paying for aluminum cans in honor of Earth Day.

"This year we tried to be a little creative in the way we dealt with it," said Matt Bell with CMC.

Creative in that they spread the price increase for cans over three days instead of one.  Matt Bell in the General Manager of CMC's Tulsa operation.  He says the easier they make it, the more people participate.

Brek Short from Henryetta had a pickup load of cans to recycle.  He said he's been collecting them from neighbors and friends waiting for Earth Day to turn them in for cash.

"It's just extra money whatever you can turn in and get for it," said Brek Short.

CMC has added 15 cents to the price per pound for Earth Day. 

One load was 97 pounds worth $82.45.

CMC will process the cans, load them into a baler and it will spit out big cubes of crushed cans like aluminum sausage.  The cubes get shipped to a manufacturer who turns them back into cans.

If you've got bags and boxes of aluminum cans, CMC is paying 85 cents a pound, for Earth Day.  They will be open all day on Tuesday.  They're located on North 170th East Avenue, just North of Pine.