Students React To Coaching Announcement

Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 9:59 pm
By: News On 6

OSU has a frontrunner for head basketball coach, and some Cowboys aren't happy with the university's choice.  News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports some OSU-Tulsa students have a lot to say about it.

At OSU-Tulsa there's no shortage of opinions about the man who could be OSU's new head basketball coach.

When OSU takes to the hardwood next season, Sean Sutton won't be the one leading them.

"I think that it's a little bit embarrassing that the way everything was handle as far as that Sean was dismissed, but at the same time I hope the University knows more than I do and that they can choose what's best for us," said OSU student Lauren Clark.

Right now, it looks like the lead man is Travis Ford from UMASS, a virtual unknown to some at OSU-Tulsa.

At a time when schools all across the country are recruiting new players, Grant Golliver's not so sure Ford would be able to reign in the best recruits. 

"This is the time to recruit high school athletes for the college level and if I was a high school player I would want a 700 coach to mentor me to the next level and I think this guy from UMass, Ford? You say his name is. I have no idea who he is.  It just seems like he's the guy they could throw some money his way," said Golliver.

For other the possibility of Coach Ford is a letdown because they were counting on someone like Bill Self from Kansas to take the job.

"He's alumni from OSU and, uh, he just won a championship so I think he'd bring good things I think," said Jimmy Baker who is an OSU student.

While there's no denying Self's history of success, there are some who say Ford with his overall winning record and two NIT appearances is up and coming in college basketball, so he's worth a shot.

"I've heard that he, the new coach, is quite the offensive coach. He was a point guard and is very much into running the ball which will be very good for the players we have now and is exciting, that's what OSU basketball has been in the past," said Clark.

If Travis Ford becomes OSU's head basketball coach, he may build a strong following in Oklahoma, but for now, students are questioning the future of the program.