More Of Cori Baker's Remains Found

Monday, March 24th 2008, 4:19 pm
By: News On 6

Investigators find more of Cori Baker's remains.  The medical examiner has positively identified a human skull found on Friday, as that of 13-year-old Cori Baker.  The skull and other remains were found in rural Creek County, just off the Creek Turnpike.  News On 6 anchor Jennifer Loren reports investigators found more of Cori Baker's remains at that location Monday afternoon.

Cori Baker of Tulsa has been missing since last November.  The 13 year old has been feared dead at the hands of her sister's boyfriend, 18-year-old Marquis Bullock.  Investigators and volunteers have spent months searching for her body.  Last Friday, they got the break they'd been waiting for.  A teenager found a human skull at a paintball course in rural Creek County.

As investigators searched for more clues on the property, the medical examiner confirmed the skull is Cori Baker's.

"We want to make sure we find as much as possible, you know, for lots of reasons, but certainly for closure for the family and to help the prosecution in this case," said Creek County Sheriff's Captain Mike O'Keefe.

Three full days after the skull was found, investigators finally found more identifying remains.

"We found a couple of pigtails and some other items that are probably going to be, belong to her," said Creek County Sheriff's Captain Mike O'Keefe.

One of the reasons it's taken so long to gather the remains is they're not all together in one area.  The police line around the crime scene stretches for several acres where they have found different remains.

"We've had a lot of natural occurrences working against us with animals carrying off remains and leaf fall, late leaf fall makes it difficult also," said Creek County Sheriff's Captain Mike O'Keefe.

Les Miller owns Paintball Adventures.  And, he's the one who called police when the skull was found.

"It's kind of un-nerving to find something like that on your property, but on the flip side of the coin, it's bringing closure to the Baker family and I'm glad to be a part of that," said Les Miller.

Miller also confirms that Marquis Bullock was with the Bakers at his paintball park just one month before Cori disappeared.

"We've checked with our records and he was here.  Although he hasn't been here on his own or with another party since that date," said Les Miller.

And just down the road, near the site where Miller speculates Cori's body must have been dropped, a neighbor, Bryan Courtney, says he can't believe it happened on a quiet road in the country.

"There are ain't too many people that come down that road. When somebody does you wonder what they're doing, but usually they're lost. But, it's kind of, just a little bit shocking," said Bryan Courtney.

Investigators say they're going to bring in 75 to 100 search crews out on Tuesday morning for a grid search.  They're hoping to find more remains and more clues, but they have 30 heavily wooded acres to search.

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