Woman Caught After Trying To Beat Monitor

Friday, March 7th 2008, 6:43 pm
By: News On 6

At any given time, Tulsa County has about 50 people wearing ankle monitors, which tracks their whereabouts. They are accused of non-violent crimes and are being given a chance to turn things around without sitting in a jail cell. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports when someone cuts the bracelet and runs, the folks who run the program take it very seriously.

It doesn't happen very often and the longest anyone's gotten away with it was a couple of days, until Krystal White. She's been gone nearly a year. Court services has been tracking her relentlessly and even asked The News On 6 for help.

Krystal White, by all accounts, was doing well on the program. Doing her community service, making her court dates, but, then, a text message went out to her officer that her bracelet had been tampered with.

Her officer found the bracelet, but, Kyrstal was gone.

"Immediately, we start tracking friends, relatives, references, background and we're literally behind her by minutes," said Director of Court Services Sherri Carrier.

Court services took the escape personally.

"We're persistent because we're worried about public safety, of course. She didn't have violent charges, but, we're also representing judges and county commissioners and they entrust us and we want to provide the correct service, prompt, handle justice swiftly, and hold the offender accountable for their actions," said Carrier.

Sherri's employees tracked Krystal to a small town near Shreveport, Louisiana. That's when Sherri called us to see if we could get a TV station there to air Krystal's picture. We did and KSLA ran the story at 5 p.m. on Wednesday night. Within an hour, Krystal was in custody.

"Thank you so much," said Carrier.

Carrier says the GPS monitoring system is a good program that costs taxpayers $10 a day versus $50 a day to house someone in jail. She says it gives people a chance to help themselves; they keep working, care for their family and get help, which decreases their chance of committing new crimes.

Carrier hopes this capture sends a message to all people in the program.

"I haven't had any Krystal Whites until just recently and hopefully, won't have another one, but, if we ever do, we'll be ready," said Carrier.

Krystal White now faces a felony escape charge and will be extradited back to Oklahoma. Her landlord is the one who saw her on TV and called police. Police also found White's 15-year-old daughter with her, who had been reported as a runaway in Tulsa, so she's coming home too.