Device Protects Against Being Victimized

Monday, February 25th 2008, 5:59 pm
By: News On 6

A new GPS locator could help you find a missing loved one. A company, known as Go Everywhere Tracker, makes the product and is located in Tulsa. The News on 6's Steve Berg reports Steve Nunn with Go Everywhere Tracker says the product will hit the United States market next week.

Nunn says the product can be a life-saver.

"Just something to enable them to get some kind of help or tell somebody that something's wrong," said Nunn.

That could apply to anyone, but Nunn says especially kids or maybe an older person with Alzheimer's. When the holder, say a child, presses the SOS button, the parent gets a text message on their cell phone with the latitude and longitude of the child's location.

You can then type that into Google Earth or a similar map program, and bingo, you know your child's location.

The product also works in reverse. You can activate the tracker with your cell phone, in case the holder can't press the SOS button for some reason.

"And it will activate a code in the tracker. And it'll send a message back to the cell phone as to where the tracker's at," said Nunn.

It can also store up to three phone numbers, and be used as an emergency cell phone, using a standard SIM card.

"Any kind of phone, any kind of cell phone card" said Nunn.

And though it's purpose is to be found, Nunn says they also tried to make the tracker so the holder can use it without drawing attention.

"We tried to make it to where it's small enough, and it doesn't, if you do call it, it doesn't ring," said Nunn. "If something is happening to a child or an adult, we don't want to notify whoever is there that they're being tracked or that they can be found."

Nunn says the tracker can also be handy in keeping track of lost property, like luggage or pets.