Getting A News On 6 Suit

Monday, February 18th 2008, 7:57 pm
By: News On 6

Four-year-old Brody told his mom and dad what he really wanted for Christmas was a News On 6 suit.  Understandably, they had a tough time figuring out what that was, at first.  Once they understood, Brody got his wish.  A shirt, tie, jacket, and slacks so he can dress like a News On 6 anchor.  The News On 6's Rick Wells heard about the suit and invited Brody up for a station tour.

Four-year-old Brody Gee is an energetic ball of fire.  He had a special wish for Christmas, according to his dad, Shawn Gee, who is the wrestling coach at Coweta High School.

"He'd say it real fast and we couldn't really understand him.  He'd say, ‘I wanna News On 6 suit,'" said Shawn Gee.

It took them a while, but they finally figured it out and Brody got exactly what he wanted.

We never realized he was paying that much attention to the news," said Brody's mom, Julie Gee.

During Monday's tour, Rick and Brody hit all the behind the scenes stuff in the control room and in the studio.

Brody hit his stride in the audio booth.

"Ah ah everybody dance now," said four-year-old Brody Gee.

Weather is Brody's specialty.

"Summer after the snow.  Then it will be cold as Christmas," forecast Brody Gee.

Once he got up in the anchor chair, he took some script pages and got very comfortable at the news desk.

"I'm Brody Gee The News On 6," said Brody Gee.

Brody's mom is a second grade teacher in Coweta.