Bedlam Clinic in Turley

Thursday, February 14th 2008, 5:22 pm
By: News On 6

‘A Third Place' Community Center in Turley, Oklahoma welcomes anyone who walks in the door. People can rest in the comfortable chairs, read from the free library, use the computers or pick up used items at a huge discount. But medical care has always been a long way off.

"People don't have cars often; the bus system takes a long time," said center coordinator Ron Robinson.

"Gas is high and you know everybody can't get in to see the doctor," remarked Shawn Harlin who works in Turley.

So the volunteers at the community center called O.U. Medical Center, and now Tuesdays and Fridays people in the area can get all the medical care they need by stepping aboard the Sooner Schooner II.

"We're trying to get out into the community into the outlying areas to provide some medical care for the insured and also the uninsured," said clinical nurse specialist Veronica Wells.

"I just came over here to see what was going on and they were giving flu shots and I was like let me go pick up my daughter, we're going to get us a flu shot," said Harlin.

The medical staff from O.U. believes their efforts are needed and appreciated in Turley

"I feel like I'm really doing something worthwhile, working with this type of community, I really love it," said Wells.

Ron Robinson hopes the big red flashy Sooner Schooner will drive more traffic to the community center, as well as improve life for local residents.

"There is a service the can have in the community, they don't have to leave the community to get health care," said Robinson.

Residents who dread the drive into the city are happy to have the option of the portable primary care.

"This is so convenient that once the word gets out, I think a lot of people will utilize it," added Harlin.

By Margaret Stokes, anchor/reporter & Chris Howell, Video Journalist