ORU Savior Responds To New Allegations

Saturday, February 9th 2008, 6:12 pm
By: News On 6

Thousands packed the Mabee Center in support.  While, it's homecoming on Saturday night, it's been a rough few months for Oral Roberts University and this week is no exception.  A former accountant at ORU is now accusing the University of funneling more than a billion dollars, but there's no word on where the money was going.  Mart Green spent the day meeting with ORU alumni.

The News On 6's Dan Bewley reports the university is celebrating its homecoming this weekend and the school's new benefactor says it's a perfect chance to start moving forward.

Mart Green's family donated $62 million dollars to the university.  The Oklahoma City businessman is now the school's new chairman of the board of trustees and is spending homecoming getting acquainted with alums from across the country.

Homecoming arrives as new allegations are filed against the school's former board of regents.

Trent Huddleston, a former accountant for ORU, says he had access to "unrestricted accounts" including one used to funnel more than a billion dollars a year through the university.

The lawsuit claims the regents appeared to use the money for their personal use and Huddleston was fired shortly before an audit.

Mart Green doesn't believe the allegations, saying his family conducted their own audit before handing over any money.

"So our audit showed that not only did a billion dollars not go out but million were put in by regents who were not paid," said Board of Trustees Chairman Mart Green.

Green says the school took a big step to clearing out the $55 million in debt on Friday when the board of trustees voted to match the first $25 million in donations.