Snow Dips Into The Metro

Thursday, January 31st 2008, 5:57 pm
By: News On 6

The snowstorm was heavier in northern parts of Oklahoma, but some thick bands of snow dipped into Tulsa.  The News On 6's Emory Bryan reports there was some heavy snowfall Thursday morning, but it didn't stick in the places where it really counts.

It was just enough snow to make some Canadian geese feel right at home.  The snow arrived in waves, with big, wet flakes that were enough to limit visibility, but not enough to make a significant difference on the roads.

The City of Tulsa deployed every available salt and sand spreader to keep the snow from building up on the bridges, and for the most part, they were able to keep up. 

It was heavy enough to blanket cars that were parked all morning, but light enough to easily brush off with a piece of cardboard.

"It's a great snow.  It's beautiful, but it's cold," said driver Marlene Crawley.

Marlene Crawley saw some of the beauty in it, especially considering the alternative.

"You can drive in this.  You can't drive in the ice," added Marlene Crawley.

One thing about this snowstorm that made driving a little easier was that the ground was warm, so snow would melt on the roads, but stick on the grass.

The schools in Tulsa were open because the snow didn't start until well into the school day, but the playgrounds were empty and the students were kept inside.

Even the out of town crews cleaning up Tulsa's ice storm debris stayed in.  At one dump, which is usually crowded with trucks, the equipment was idle and only one load had come in all day.

But, the snow had potential to cause more damage, with heavy snow clinging to branches that were damaged in the ice storm.

There wasn't much effect on traffic, with only a few snow related accidents reported all day on Thursday, and the most accumulation on the windshields of parked cars.