Ice Storm Victim Copes With No Individual Assistance

Saturday, January 26th 2008, 5:32 pm
By: News On 6

The fallout from the December ice storm continues for many across eastern Oklahoma.  With hope dwindling that FEMA will change its mind about giving out individual assistance; many are running out of options, long after running out of power. News On 6 reporter Dan Bewley reports a Skiatook woman is trying to cope the best she can. 

It has been more than a month since a tree limb tore through the roof of a Skiatook mobile home. Amy Pabitzky, who lives in the home is at her wit's end, trying to find the means to get it repaired. 

Bare as a home can be, with only a Santa Claus remaining.  The home's clock is frozen in time and a hole ripped into the ceiling, caused by tree branches during the December ice storm. 

"The big one fell here then the smaller part of it fell in the bedroom and now there's a sagging ceiling in the bedroom," said Amy Pabitzky. 

Pabitzky's home is no longer sweet. The 22-year old says she's looked and looked but can't find any help to repair her home. 

"Everything I knew to do I tried and didn't find anything. I'm just kind of stuck," said Amy Papitzky. 

Stuck because her mobile home was not insured. Pabitzky says since the mobile home was built in 1978 she could not get any insurance companies to cover the home when she bought it three years ago. 

"I just needed a place to live and it was a reasonable price and I was like even if it gives me a place to live for a month, that's cheaper than an apartment at $400 a month," said Amy Pabitzky. 

Pabitzky never thought that decision would come to this. Since the tree branch broke December 9th and took out the roof over her kitchen, Pabitzky has been staying with friends, worried the damage is too severe to be repaired, but hopeful she will find a way to come home. 

"Trying to save up the money and even if I have to use duct tape and cardboard, as long as the electrical's fine," said Amy Pabitzky. 

While the mobile home is paid for, Amy still has to keep paying $150 a month in rent for the lot.