Many Like Talk Of Tax Rebate

Friday, January 18th 2008, 9:23 pm
By: News On 6

The idea of a tax rebate is bound to be popular and could create a spending frenzy.  The News On 6's Emory Bryan reports some Tulsans say they would save the money.  Some say they will give it away.  But, most people say they are eager to spend the money.

As of Friday, many people seemed unaware that President Bush was stepping forward with an economic plan, one that could put $800 in their pockets.

"Oh, sounds great!  What would I do with it?  Probably give it to my grandkids," said one Tulsa woman.

The plan created by Congress and being considered by the president calls for $800 payouts for many adults.  Couples who jointly file their taxes could receive $1600.

"Americans could use this money as they see fit.  To help meet their monthly bills or meet higher costs at the gas pump or pay for other basic necessities," said President George W. Bush.

While the Washington plan is for spending, credit counselors advise people to pay off the debt from what they've spent already.

"If people receive the money, I would encourage them to pay down debt," said Margo Mitchell of Consumer Credit Counseling.

The idea of a check in the mail sounded good to everyone asked by The News On 6.

"That sounds great.  I'll take it," said Monica.

"Because it will help the economy and hopefully people will go out and spend some money when they get the rebate," added Brit.

And, that's exactly what politicians in Washington hope people in Oklahoma will do.

As for the timetable on when the money could come rolling in, President Bush wants it to be soon, but it will likely take several months just to print and mail the checks, if the plan is approved.