The Home Of Tomorrow, Today

Wednesday, November 7th 2007, 9:32 pm
By: News On 6

What does your future look like? We know what some of the leading scientists are working on today to bring into your homes tomorrow. News On 6 anchor Jennifer Loren reports on the latest technology that may soon become the norm in homes everywhere.

On the outside of the home of tomorrow it may look like any other house, but inside it is hi-tech all the way! Sensors can show if someone is in your home and where they are at all times. You can also check in from any computer anywhere. The kitchen is set up with cameras.

"What it does is uses these cameras under here and it takes pictures as you cook," said Elizabeth Mynatt of Interactive Computing.

It records the images so if you get distracted, you can take a quick look and remember what you've already done.

And they say a painting says a thousand words, the painting in the home of tomorrow actually does, it has an info canvas.

"It helps people keep aware of the information that may not be crucial, but it's important in their lives," said John Stasko of Interactive Computing.

The electronic picture is hooked up to the computer, so at a quick glance, the images in the picture reflect what's going on. The more red stripes on the barber poll, the worse the traffic on the way home. The sail boat is the time of day. The sun represents the weather right now and the color of the towel changes when there's an email from a spouse.

"If you're stocks are doing really well, a bird will be flying, perhaps high in the sky," said John Stasko.

And instead of an office, all you’ll need is a heads up display. Thad Starner wears a computer on a heads up display.

"It puts the image right out here in front of me," Thad Starner, PhD of Interactive Computing said.

It's hooked up to a battery pack and small computer, and can run for days. Just a few new ideas that may change the way you live in the future.

If you're wondering, Thad says the wearable computer doesn't hurt his eyes and that actually, his eyesight has gotten better since he's started using the device.

All of this technology is being tested right now, and could be ready for consumers in the next five years.

Watch the video: Future Technologies For Your Home