Children's Cold Medicines Warning

Friday, October 19th 2007, 9:11 pm
By: News On 6

No more cold medicines for babies or toddlers. Government advisers stepped up their recommendations on Friday. They say children's cold medicines aren't safe for children under the age of six. The News On 6’s Ashli Sims reports the move means changes in how parents treat their little ones when they have a cold.

The new recommendation comes eight days after several brands of cough medicines for children were pulled off of store shelves. At that time, two was believed to be a safe age, but the recommendation made Friday says children need to be even older.

And while the medicines may be labeled "children" and "toddler," doctors say the over the counter remedies offered no quick fix for kids.

"The biggest problem is many of them don't work. They can sometimes work and if they do work it's only for a short period of time. So, what parents would do was overuse it,” said Tulsa pediatrician, Dr. Donna Krutka.

With overuse comes the risk of overdose. Drug companies insist, when used properly the medicines are safe. But, federal advisers say young children shouldn't have them at all. Dr. Krutka says that doesn't mean there's no relief for little ones. There are still prescription drugs. But, she says parents need to face a somewhat harsh reality, when it comes to kids and colds.

“Suctioning, you know, their noses. It is important to realize that babies and small children can't blow their nose. But, babies hate that. Course parents hate to suction," said Tulsa pediatrician, Dr. Donna Krutka.

The recommendation given on Friday is non-binding. But, the Food and Drug Administration usually follows the panel's advice. If the agency does, it could change the way the cold medicines are labeled and marketed.

Watch the video: A Government Warning About Cold Medicines For Children