Mother To Take Road Trip To Catch A Killer

Thursday, October 11th 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa mother is driving more than 1,300 miles to catch her daughter’s killer. Brittany Phillips was murdered in Tulsa three years ago, but the case remains unsolved. Brittnay's mother hopes a drive to New York City will bring more attention to the case. Maggie Zingman believes the killer is no longer in Tulsa and could be committing other horrible crimes elsewhere.

News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports Zingman will take 12 days to make the drive and will stop in major cities along the way to spread the word, and she's got a unique way to attract attention.

Maggie Zingman's car is already hard to miss, with a picture of Brittany on the back window. But in two days, the car will become a driving billboard. Midwest Wraps will wrap the entire vehicle with pictures, facts, even a profile of the killer, a burglar who takes his own pillowcase, who rapes and suffocates his victims.

Maggie hopes the car gets her noticed and that brings her national media attention.

"If I don't get news beyond Tulsa, it's gonna be five, 10 years and it breaks my heart to wait that long,” said Maggie Zingman, Brittany Phillips’ mother. “And, it breaks my heart that other daughters are being lost."

Maggie has tried everything to spread the word about her daughter’s killer. She handed out flyers during the PGA, hoping out-of-towners might recognize similar cases in their own hometowns. She’s also using the internet, posting the story on MySpace as well as YouTube, in hopes of getting people talking, which will lead to a break in the case.

Now, she'll visit eight cities in 12 days.

"I feel I have to stop doing what I'm doing in my regular life and do something. It's not going to bring her back, I know that," Zingman said.

DNA has ruled out hundreds of suspects in this case, but Maggie fears the killer is not in the system. She wants people to know there's a backlog of nearly four years from the time a person goes to prison, until their DNA gets into the national database.

She can only make her appeal and hope it helps.

"What if it was your daughter? Wouldn't you want to know where the killer was?" said Maggie Zingman.

This is not a mission Zingman wants, not a mission she enjoys, but it is one she feels she must do for her little girl. She leaves on her trip on Sunday.

Maggie Zingman has posted three videos on YouTube.

Click here to view 'Caravan To Catch A Killer.'

Click here to view ' Brittany's Voice.'

Click here to view 'Lion's Roar.'

Watch the video: A Mom Searches For Her Daughter's Killer

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