Advance Broken Arrow Campaign

Thursday, October 11th 2007, 6:35 pm
By: News On 6

Broken Arrow has a new economic development campaign called Advance Broken Arrow, and they've been asking Tulsa businesses for financial support. This of course is the same Broken Arrow, whose mayor, city council, chamber of commerce, and majority of citizens opposed the river plan. So is that having any effect on Broken Arrow's goal? The News On 6’s Steve Berg reports the Ohio-based firm that's running the Broken Arrow campaign says the reaction has been a mixed bag, but he says the river result is an issue for some.

Advance Broken Arrow hopes to raise around $700,000 to help market the City of Broken Arrow. They’ve solicited donations from around 30 Tulsa businesses so far, and Broken Arrow Mayor Wade McCaleb doesn't think that Broken Arrow's opposition to the river plan should hurt their fundraising effort.

"It's just that there was nothing there in the program to benefit Broken Arrow, and we also felt that it would harm Broken Arrow for the next five to 10 years," Broken Arrow Mayor Wade McCaleb said.

The News On 6 asked Mayor McCaleb what was in Advance Broken Arrow for Tulsa.

"Tulsa businesses also have locations in Broken Arrow or vice-versa. Y'know a lot of people have businesses in Broken Arrow that live in Tulsa, so we are neighbors," said McCaleb.

Mayor McCaleb says the river has not been an issue with anyone he has talked with.

"I've already had some of the business leaders who were in favor of the river tax come up to me before the vote, saying let's get together, let's put this behind us and let's move on," said Wade McCaleb.

But it is an issue for some. We talked with Chip Holcombe of Ohio-based Resource Development Group, which was hired to call and ask people to contribute to Advance Broken Arrow. He says he has gotten a frosty reception from some Tulsans and that some indicated the river as the reason.

Owasso City Manager Rodney Ray supported the river, but he says he also supports the Broken Arrow plan.

"I think quite frankly that it would be somewhat petty if we were to hold all these kind of positions long after the issue was over with, so anything that I think one of us could do for the other is something we should do," said Owasso City Manager Rodney Ray.

Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor agreed with Ray that it would be petty to come out against Broken Arrow's plan and says she supports it.

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