Dogs Gone Wild

Wednesday, September 19th 2007, 6:00 am
By: News On 6

Some dogs will roll over, some catch Frisbees and others will chase a ball, but News On 6 reporter Rick Wells has found some dogs that will chase a ball like you have never seen it. The event is called "Flyball."

Rick Wells reports "Flyball" is a relay race for teams of four dogs, they jump hurdles, trigger a spring loaded box which releases a ball, the dog catches the ball and makes a return trip over the hurdles. The total trip takes just seconds.

“Like doggie drag race is what it is," says Lloyd McCracken.

Any dog can be taught to do this. “Flyball” developed in California, sort of by accident.

“Guy invented a ball launcher to keep his dog busy," says Lloyd McCracken.

Probably threw his arm out giving the dog something to chase. Anyway, someone developed an event using a ball launcher and it became “Flyball.” Border collies are perfect dogs for this. They love to play with anything. When they are not playing “Flyball,” they are chasing Frisbees. Lloyd and Sheila McCracken have been at this for about three years, their dogs have been successful and they have the ribbons to prove it.

"Somebody asked if there's money in it. Yes, there's lots of money in it, you spend lots of money," says Sheila McCracken.

So it is expensive, but the owners enjoy the dogs and the dogs love to run.

The “Flyball” Club of Tulsa will put on a demonstration as part of the Paws in the Park event on Saturday at Hunter Park at 804 East 91st Street.

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