Northside Classic Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Wednesday, September 12th 2007, 12:11 pm
By: News On 6

If you like high-school football, this Saturday in Tulsa will provide plenty of excitement. The Northside Classic is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year and News On 6 reporter Steve Berg reports while the lineup changes each year, the action is always good.

This year, it is a re-match of last year's game. The Booker T Washington Hornets will take on the Tulsa Central Braves. The News On 6 talked with both teams about the big game. It's okay to call it a big game, but Washington football coach Atwain Jimmerson won't call his team the favorite.

"You gotta throw out what happened last year. You even gotta throw out what happened last week. When you get into a rivalry game, anything can happen,” says Atwain Jimmerson.

Meanwhile, first year Central High football coach Corey Russell, like a lot of underdogs, seems to relish the role.

"Central's been down for the past few years, but we're trying to work back and gain that respect and that pride," says Corey Russell.

Both high schools are winners on the sponsorship side. They each get $4,000 from State Farm, which has provided the backing for the Northside Classic from the beginning. This will be the fourth Northside Classic for Booker-T Washington senior Connor O'Carroll.

"The game's always a big deal for the community. We always have a good turnout, the crowd, the bands are always a big deal, coming out and playing. So expect good things," says Connor O'Carroll.

The coaches want to keep their players on an even keel the whole season, but inevitably the excitement builds for the marquee matchup.

"They grew up playing youth football against each other and together, y'know in a lot of cases. So this game usually has a lot of chatter by the time you get to kickoff," says Washington coach Atwain Jimmerson.

"Either win or lose, but we're going to gain some respect on Saturday morning, I can guarantee that," says Central coach Corey Russell.

The football game kicks off 10 a.m. Saturday at Booker T Washington’s stadium at 1514 East Zion in Tulsa.

Watch the video: Football Rivalry