Students Recover From The Flood

Thursday, July 12th 2007, 9:24 pm
By: News On 6

Home owners in Miami weren't the only ones left high and dry after flood waters receded. Some NEO students lost everything too. News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports some are frustrated and others are just thankful they got out while they could.

Miami was water logged for weeks, forcing many to flee.

“I took as much stuff as I could walked out there thinking I could go back early Tuesday and get the rest of my things, but by Tuesday 11 o'clock the room was half way underwater, not too much I can do about that,” said NEO student Kenneth Robinson.

The same goes for more than a dozen other students who were staying on NEO's campus. Flood waters destroyed first floor rooms and apartments. Many students have come back looking for help.

“I have all my clothes and all my personal belongings in the dorm, and I would like to know what I have left,” said NEO student Carl Bell.

But like Robinson, he probably doesn't have much. NEO A&M says it had to throw out most of the things that were in the first floor dorms, actions that's angered some students.

“These students would get sick if we gave them back their possessions. That's just a sad fact,” said NEO public relations and marketing director Christen Stark. “Had we given them back their possessions and they gotten sick, the school wouldn't have been responsible to its students.”

Christen Stark says the college has restoration and environmental crews cleaning up the mess left behind. In the meantime classes continue.

“You know I miss some days, but I try to do the best to stay on top of my work and I do,” Robinson said. “It's just a struggle, but I know there's some people out here who have it a lot worse.”

NEO says it's tried to accommodate displaced students. Some are even staying with the staff. However, the school says it's not responsible for the things that were thrown out of the apartments. Many of the students don't have insurance.

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