More Rain Falls On Flooded Oklahoma Towns

Thursday, July 12th 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

Some Green Country residents are still trying to recover from the floods, and Mother Nature isn't helping. The News On 6’s Steve Berg went to Bartlesville to see how the cleanup is going. He reports the absolute last thing they wanted to see was more heavy rain, but that's exactly what they got.

When the rain started falling early Thursday morning James Ainesworth was instantly awake.

"I was watching the river, and you think 'yeah is it gonna come back up?'" flood victim James Ainesworth said.

The river stayed down, but James had another day of hard work ahead of him. He owns a roofing company and has construction experience, but it's not easy to repair your whole house single-handedly.

"Anything I can do I'm doing,” said Ainesworth. “Right now we're just kind waiting for money, waiting to see if FEMA comes through to see where we are."

At least James knows where his next meal will come from. For the past 13 days straight Glen Peterson and others from the Salvation Army have been serving three meals a day.

"I drive up and down the neighborhoods that have been flooded and honk, and the people know we're coming so they come out, expect us and we give them the food," said Glen Peterson with the Salvation Army. "They told me we'll never forget you guys, and I’ll never forget them either."

But meals might be the only certain thing. Ainesworth doesn't know where he'll get money for repairs and he, his wife and four kids are all staying in a camper trailer in the front yard.

"It's so sad, you know, it's still a mess, but we can't live in there, we've gotta live in that for three months, four months, five months, I don't know," said Ainesworth.

An inspector from FEMA was at Ainesworth’s house Wednesday to take a look at it, he said he should know something within seven to ten days, but there are no guarantees.

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