Family Mourns Murdered Mother And Daughter

Tuesday, June 26th 2007, 10:20 am
By: News On 6

The family of Brooke and Kya Whitaker is planning a double funeral after the mother and child were murdered this weekend. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports they fear Brooke Whitaker’s life will be remembered only for the way it ended.

We talked with two of Brooke Whitaker's aunts. They remember the blonde-haired girl who loved swimming, jumping on trampolines and drinking Dr. Pepper.

They say she grew into a woman who dearly loved her children but was too independent to get help when she needed it most.

Brooke Whitaker was the first grandchild born into a close-knit, loving family. They called her Brookie Cookie, and she loved swimming and Barbies.

Brooke Whitaker's first child was Logan. Logan is now seven and legally blind but loves to draw pictures, like one of a penguin that will go in her mother's casket.

Three more kids followed. Kya Whitaker was the baby, born just seven months ago.

"She loved her kids. That was her life. Her interest, her hobby was her kids," said Brooke Whitaker’s aunt Amy.

The family had met Brooke Whitaker’s boyfriend Raymond Johnson at Easter and say he was charming and funny. They say they knew things went wrong when she told the family he hit her.

She filed a protective order, saying he'd threatened to kill her 10 times. Yet, she trusted he would change.

"Brooke was very independent and a little bit stubborn and didn't think it would happen," Amy said.

But, it did. Police say Johnson beat Brooke Whitaker with a hammer, then poured gasoline through her house and set her on fire. She and Kya died.

Now, her family and three children are filled with grief.

"He tortured her, and we won't even be able to view the body and the baby's because it's so bad. We just wanted to see her one last time and won't be able to," said Brooke Whitaker’s aunt Angie.

Brooke Whitaker’s family hopes other women in violent or abusive relationships will get out of them immediately, no matter what it takes.

They plan to do whatever it takes to make sure Johnson never hurts anyone ever again.

"There's no word to describe him. It's not monster. It's not inhuman,” Angie said. “There's not a word in the dictionary to describe him. He will have a special place in hell."

Everything was lost in the fire, the kids' clothing, books and toys. If you would like to donate, there is a fund set up at the Bank of Oklahoma to help the family. Visit any Bank of Oklahoma branch to make a contribution in care of Carolyn Short "In Memory of Brooke and Kya Whitaker."

The funeral for Brooke and Kya Whitaker is on Thursday.

Watch the video: Family Members Of Murdered Mother And Daughter Speak Out

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