Shoppers Look For Bargains. Stores Look For Rebound

Wednesday, December 26th 2007, 9:30 pm
By: News On 6

There’s a Christmas wish from retailers. Nationwide retailers have said sales were sluggish this year. For businesses around Tulsa, the ice storm made matters even worse. Now, store owners hope the post-shopping season will help salvage their Christmas sales season. News On 6 anchor Jennifer Loren reports if the activity Wednesday afternoon at Woodland Hills Mall is any indication, the retailers should be just fine.

As shoppers piled off the escalators and squeezed into packed stores, the holiday sales slump seems more like a holiday misconception.

"You couldn't prove it by me. We've been to three or four stores in the Tulsa area and you can't hardly get around in any of them today. It's been really. It's been a madhouse,” said shopper Kameron Harvanek.

The Harvaneks came all the way from Hominy to shop at Woodland Hills Mall.

"My kids got some Christmas money and my son needed to swap out some games. So, they're here doing that. I'm standing over here against the rail trying to stay out of the way of all the traffic,” said shopper Kameron Harvanek.

And traffic, according to most shoppers, included a lot of stop and go navigating. But shoppers say if you can navigate through these crowds it's worth it because the bargains are unbeatable.

"I've gotten some great deals on clothes. Some good discounts and stuff so, I'm happy about that,” said shopper Stephanie Morris.

Some people were out just trying to make the most of the gift cards they received for Christmas. The big sales at stores could mean getting more for their money.

"We got gift cards so we could get like the most stuff on the day after Christmas. We been getting a lot of stuff. But the lines are so long,” said shopper Kristina Jones.

Some Tulsa retailers say the lines have been getting longer as time goes by which has been a welcomed change in the holiday shopping atmosphere.

The holiday shopping season accounts for up to 30% of store's annual sales. For toy stores, it can account for up to 50%.

Watch the video: Day After Christmas Shopping