Tough Task For Thousands Of Electric Linemen

Saturday, December 15th 2007, 4:44 pm
By: News On 6

Thousands of electric linemen from across the country are still camping out at the Expo Center. Their easiest jobs are done. Now, they'll have to tackle the hardest hit neighborhoods. News On 6 reporter Joshua Brakhage takes a look at the tough task ahead.

Ten-feet of worthless power pole is stuck underground. The rest of it crashed into a North Tulsa neighborhood. Wires can be seen wrapped around broken branches and loose limbs.

Lucy Allen has been in the middle of the tangled mess for almost a week.

"The whole neighborhood has gotten together. The young man across the street barbecued meat, and then my son barbecued meat and we're just trying to work together to try and survive," said Lucy Allen.

She says her neighbors, her faith, and her generator have gotten her through.

"We have one room that was heated, so that helped," said Allen.

Down the street, Eddie Bren Melson and his crew are hard at work. They're from Louisiana, and aren't looking forward to working in the white stuff.

"Us Louisiana boys, ain't too much on snow," said Melson.

Crews from coast-to-coast are trying to help Oklahoma rebound from the biggest blackout in state history.

Terry Trull and his team from Texas say they're prepared to stay through the holidays, but are aiming to get the lights back on quicker than that.

“At least another week, maybe a little longer. Just depends how long it takes to get all these people back on," said Texas Utility Worker Terry Trull.

Those Terry has helped feel like Christmas has come early.

"It just came back on twenty minutes ago. And you'd have thought I won the lottery. I'm happy!” said Cynthia Hill with a laugh.

Lucy Allen is still waiting to cash in, but Eddie Bren Melson is in for the long haul and promises not to leave her in the dark.

"We'll probably have to come back for some touch-up work, but everybody will have lights before we leave," said Melson.

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