Zoo Damage A Whole Different Animal

Wednesday, December 12th 2007, 10:32 am
By: News On 6

As in many Tulsa yards, the Tulsa Zoo has lots of firewood all over the place. It just hasn't been cut and stacked. And like most Tulsans, the zoo has no power. The News On 6’s Rick Wells reports a dedicated staff of zoo keepers is doing its best to keep the animals safe and warm.

The zoo staff has a pretty big mess to clean up. There are downed trees and limbs in every direction, it makes getting around the grounds difficult. One downed tree had flattened a fence. The zoo's new veterinary hospital is serving as a makeshift headquarters. Back in the holding area they have moved in many of the tropical animals that need extra heat.

"We are using every available space to hold animals that need to be coming off their exhibits that don't have electricity," said Tulsa Zoo Director Stephan Walker.

Not all the animals are cold and sensitive. A few zoo animals like it outside such as the deer, turkeys and the Siberian tiger.

As Rick toured the zoo, word came they may be just ten hours from power being restored.

"Ten hours, that'd be great," said Walker.

It would allow them to focus on the clean up. They are working around the clock keeping a few portable generators fueled up so animals that really need heat to survive, have it.

Even when the zoo gets power restored it will be a while before they can trim or remove damaged trees to make the grounds safe for visitors again.

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