Rogers County Residents Still Struggling

Tuesday, December 11th 2007, 8:41 pm
By: News On 6

Rogers County residents are looking for ways to stay warm tonight. News On 6 anchor Omar Villafranca reports roughly 700 Claremore customers still don't have electricity. In the town of Chelsea, the icy conditions turned the city into a winter wasteland.

Chelsea neighborhoods were pounded by icy conditions. Shredded trees, encrusted in ice, crashed down on yards, cars and homes. Residents don't have electricity, water or phone lines.

Chelsea resident Candice Baker is using her gas stove to keep her family warm.

"For the most part, I cook breakfast, I cook lunch, and then I find something to cook for dinner because that is literally all I have to do right now," said Baker.

While the Baker family passes the time making ornaments for the Christmas tree, county emergency managers are accessing the damage and setting priorities. During the meeting, Foyil's fire chief says his department is running on a generator. If it goes out, dispatch for Foyil, Limestone and other surrounding areas will go down. Without power, emergency crews can't communicate.

"Tower by tower is going down. Sprint went down which is my own personal cell phone. Then I'm using other people’s cell phones and U.S. Cellular and the works, AT&T. And so we're just moving cell phones all over the place and so I have no constant number. Our communications is the biggest problem," said Catoosa Mayor Rita Lamkin.

While county leaders decide on emergency services, Candice Baker is just trying to survive another day without power.

"Did you think it was going to be this bad?” asked Omar Villafranca.

“No, I figured you'd have the occasional electric. It goes out for a few hours, then you have it back on," said Baker.