Supplies In High Demand

Tuesday, December 11th 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

Many people are stocking up on storm supplies to get them through until power is restored. News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports whether it's groceries, batteries, heaters or generators, many items are in big demand right now. To people coping with the cold, the workers at Sooner Emergency Services are like the cavalry coming to the rescue. They just brought in a load of hundreds of generators, for a long line of waiting customers at American Bank in Collinsville.

"It's very critical and the neat thing about it is everybody is glad to get them, as we are to get rid of them. There's such a shortage for them," said Bill Inhofe with Sooner Emergency Services.

The company sold about 1,000 generators in Muskogee last year. Now, one right after the other, victims of the latest ice storm are picking them up.

"Maybe we can get heat. It's easier to heat the house. Get the freezers and refrigerator back on. Hopefully, watch TV tonight," said Skiatook resident, Sam Avant,

The manufacturer is holding 3,000 more generators for the company in case they're needed.

"I know how it feels to go home and hit a light switch and have electricity," said Inhofe.

While many people are looking for generators to power their homes and heaters, others are scrambling to get other necessities to get them through the largest power outage in state history.

The Food Pyramid at 41st and Peoria is one of only a handful of grocery stores open in Tulsa.

"Dog food, toilet paper, milk, cereal. Just the basics. I have kids, so tons of cereal. Hot dogs. That kind of thing,” said Piper Kacere who is a mother of three.

“So you should be able to make it through the week?” asked Craig Day.

“I hope we get our electricity back soon," replied Piper.

Across the street from the Food Pyramid, Westlake ACE Hardware is also open.

"At the moment, it's been power generators. Duraflame lamps, firewood of any kind, gas heaters, kerosene heaters," said store manager, Jerry Boysel.

The store has sold out of many items. In fact, sales are up more than 300 percent over this day a year ago. No matter if it's groceries, or generators, weary storm victims are doing what they can, and hoping for the best.

In addition to American Bank in Collinsville, Sooner Surplus will have more generators available at their store at 3190 W. 21st Street in Tulsa and at their Highway 69 store in Muskogee. They expect to get shipments of several hundred generators each day as long as there is a need for them.

You can contact Sooner Surplus in Tulsa by calling 918-445-0895 and in Muskogee at 918-684-4000.

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