Bracing For The Next Ice Storm

Friday, December 7th 2007, 4:42 pm
By: News On 6

It hasn't actually been a full year since the last big ice storm. Already people are bracing for the next one. The News On 6’s Steve Berg reports if you're not, the experts say you probably should be thinking about what you need to be ready.

Jim Rice at Central Towing says he's ready for the long haul this weekend.

"We have all of our trucks on the street, and all of our service trucks are running 24/7. And, we have a lot of sleepless nights,” said Jim Rice of Central Towing.

He says last night, there were a lot of wrecks just from the rain.

"These two vehicles over here were involved in two separate accidents on I-44,” said Jim Rice of Central Towing. "The major complaint from the police department is that people just won't slow down."

You don't want to waste time though getting your ice melt and other supplies. Because once the storm hits, Rich Womack at Best Hardware says it goes fast.

"During the winter storm we had back in January, the ice storm, it was almost impossible to keep up with the demand for the ice melt. We sold like 45 tons during that time,” said Rich Womack with Best Hardware.

Other big sellers he says are gloves, ice scrapers, lock deicer, and car battery cables.

If you run out of power, the Red Cross says they'll be ready. Last year, they said they had 18 shelters open in Northeast Oklahoma. They hope it doesn't come to that again, but if it does, they say they can open that many again.

Watch the video: Businesses Work Out Ice Plans

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