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Tuesday, November 27th 2007, 6:34 am
By: News On 6

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The Nation's Weather: 4:00 AM EST: 11/27/07
HIGHEST TEMPERATURE (DEGREES F)............86 Vandenburg, FL
HIGHEST HEAT INDEX (DEGREES F).............90 Vandenburg, FL
LOWEST TEMPERATURE (DEGREES F)............ -1 Alamosa, CO
LOWEST WIND CHILL (DEGREES F).............-11 Butte, MT
HIGHEST WIND GUST (MPH)....................55 Moorehead, MN
HIGHEST PRECIPITATION (INCHES)...........5.93 Valparaiso, FL

In the East, a low pressure system pushed across the area and
produced scattered showers across much of the Ohio and Tennessee
Valleys, the Appalachians, the Gulf Coast states, the Southeast,
the Mid-Atlantic, and the Northeast. Areas of patchy fog impacted
much of the Atlantic Coast during the morning hours. Strong
thunderstorms were also prevalent in the Southeast with roofs
removed from two farm sheds outside Donalsonville, Georgia and
several homes outside New Iberia, Louisiana due to gusty storm
winds. Rainfall rates were locally heavy across many areas.
City, State Rainfall Totals (Inches)
Valpraiso, FL 5.93
Mary Ester, FL 4.49
Dothan, AL 4.01
Andulsia, AL 2.84
Columbus, GA 2.51
Destin, FL 2.45
Chattanooga, TN 2.42
Rome, GA 1.21
Snowfall accumulations reached up to one inch in Augusta,
Illinois during the morning hours. Later in the day snowfall pushed
more north and east with Kalamazoo, Michigan and Battle Creek,
Michigan both reporting one inch of snow. Also toward the afternoon
and evening hours, thunderstorms exited the Tennessee Valley and
Gulf Coast moving on to the Eastern Seaboard.
In the western two-thirds of the country, scattered snow and
rain showers pushed across the Mississippi Valley, Midwest, and
portions of the central and southern Plains during the morning
hours. Snowfall accumulations reached up to one and a half inches
in Bethany, Oklahoma and rainfall was locally heavy at times. Also
in the morning, areas of patchy fog were reported in the Pacific
Northwest and California. Toward the afternoon isolated snow
showers were recorded across the northern Plains and Upper
Mississippi Valley with 1-point-2 inches recorded in Littlefork,
Minnesota. A low pressure system moved onshore over the Pacific
Northwest and the northern Great Basin bringing moderate rainfall
to the region and snowfall to higher elevations. California, the
southern Great Basin, and the Desert Southwest and the central
Rocky Mountains stayed partly cloudy and dry due to high pressure
hanging over the region.

In 1883, fire engines in New York City, New York and New Haven,
Connecticut were sent out in search of fire due to red skies from
ash of the Krakatoa volcano half a world away in Indonesia.
In 1912, for the first time in recorded November history snow
fell in northern Florida.
In 1988, the northern Plains and the Upper Mississippi Valley
was hit by a blizzard which generated a foot of snow and wind gusts
to 70 miles-per -hour over Minnesota and a wind chill which reached
as low as thirty-four degrees below zero in Fargo, North Dakota.

A warm front sits over eastern Pennsylvania, southern New York,
and Massachusetts.
A cold front reaches across West Virginia, western Virginia,
western North Carolina, western South Carolina, Georgia, and the
Florida Panhandle.
A cold front extends across Minnesota, South Dakota,
northeastern Wyoming, and western Montana.
A cold front rests over western Washington and coastal Oregon.

In the East, morning rain showers are expected over the coastal
Mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast, while breezy conditions will
build into the Northeast and the Great Lakes. Scattered rain
showers are expected over Florida. Otherwise, high pressure will
bring dry conditions to the remainder of the East today. Morning
highs in the 40s and 50s are expected over the northern
Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, dropping quickly during the day
into the 30s and 40s. Highs in the 30s and 40s are also expected
over the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley, while 40s and 50s are
expected over the Appalachians and the Tennessee Valley. Highs in
the 50s to the 70s are expected over the Carolinas and the
Southeast, while 70s and 80s are expected over Florida.
Over the western two-thirds of the country, snow is expected
over the northern Rockies and parts of the Northwest. Accumulations
of 5 to 10 inches are expected over the higher elevations of the
northern Rockies and the Northwest. Lesser accumulations of 3 to 6
inches are expected over the lower elevations of these regions
today. Windy conditions are also expected over the Northwest and
northern Rockies today, sustained out of the northwest at 20-30
mph. Otherwise, dry conditions are expected over the remainder of
the West today, under partly cloudy skies. Breezy conditions are
also expected over the northern and central Plains states, as winds
here will be out of the south 10-20 mph. Partly cloudy skies are
also expected over the Midwest and the lower Mississippi Valley.
Highs will be in the 20s and 30s over the Rockies, the interior
Northwest, and the upper Midwest. 30s and 40s are expected over the
coastal Northwest, the Great Basin, and the remainder of the
Midwest. Highs will be in the 50s to the 70s over California and
the Southwest, as well as the southern Plains states.
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