Woman who sued US Senate candidate Tom Coburn speaks out

Thursday, September 16th 2004, 11:28 am
By: News On 6

The woman who accused Dr Tom Coburn of tying her tubes without permission said today it's true - even though Coburn and a nurse say it isn’t.

Angela Plummer says Coburn removed a fallopian tube without asking - while operating on her for an ectopic pregnancy. It happened during emergency surgery in Muskogee in 1990.

“Doctor Tom Coburn sterilized me without consent, verbal or written; I know he's stating he got oral consent, that's not true.”

A judge dismissed the woman's lawsuit. Coburn said she and her mother asked for the procedure, but in the rush to save her life, he didn't take the time to get her consent in writing.

Coburn, a Republican, is running for the US Senate against 2nd District Congressman Brad Carson.

Plummer said she's not speaking out to help Brad Carson - but there is a distant connection.

The lawyer who arranged her news conference donates to Democrats and his firm gives even more, $1,000 to the Carson campaign this year.

The records tie lawyer Tim Reese of Lawter and Associates to Democratic causes, including the campaign of Brad Carson.

Carson's campaign denies in the strongest terms any connection to the story.

Tom Coburn says it's a smear campaign by - quote - "Carson and his liberal buddies."