Amnesty International claims racial profiling in Tulsa

Monday, September 13th 2004, 10:29 am
By: News On 6

A new report released Monday charges widespread racial profiling in Tulsa and across the country.

An international human rights group claims the number of racial profiling victims is 32-million and climbing. And they say the war on terror has increased the problem. News on 6 anchor Terry Hood says Amnesty International says millions of racial and religious minorities are being unfairly targeted in the name of national security.

They claim the war on terror has expanded the use of racial profiling. And they say it’s not making the country any safer. Amnesty International studied racial profiling in five cities including Tulsa last year. The international human rights group heard about 12 hours of testimony from dozens of Oklahomans who believe they're victims of racial profiling.

Based on a year-long study, Amnesty claims racial profiling has dramatically increased, partially because of the war on terror. They say racial profiling is actually a national security threat, because it ignores potential terrorists who don't fit the profile.

Tulsans who believe they've experienced racial profiling say there is no excuse for the injustice. One reason Oklahoma received so much attention is because Native Americans have been virtually ignored as victims of racial profiling.