College textbook sticker shock

Tuesday, August 24th 2004, 10:34 am
By: News On 6

As if tuition wasn't high enough, now the cost of college textbooks is sending many students and their parents into sticker shock.

A single textbook can cost more than $100. Now, some students are turning to a new source for their books. News on 6 anchor Terry Hood says the cure to the sticker shock over textbooks, might be at your fingertips.

The Internet is giving college students a discount option for books that are costing hundreds of dollars a semester. TU sophomore Tara Baldridge: "For my first semester my freshmen year I spent $775." TU sophomore Jennifer Hoppa: "I spent $200 this morning and I just spent $100 on one book, used, and I'm still not done."

Pricey textbooks have become the norm on college campuses. Some carry price tags over $100. Many college book stores offer used books for less. But some students are turning to the Internet for better bargains.

Rebecca Welsh: "I would definitely recommend if you want to save money in school buy these books online. There are several sites you can go to in fact I use three and cross-reference them."

Buying textbooks online has gained in popularity. But the manager at TU's bookstore says the sales at his store haven't dipped.