Tulsa daycare learns some 'good manners'

Tuesday, August 10th 2004, 10:23 am
By: News On 6

We all know the value of good table manners. But what is a good age to begin learning the ins and outs of eating etiquette? News on 6 reporter Rick Wells found out.

The kids at Miss Cristi's Early Childhood Day Care got all dressed-up and went to lunch at a fancy restaurant, The Garlic Rose on South Peoria.

"Hello, hello, don't you all look pretty today." Here they come about a dozen kids from Miss Cristi's all dressed up at the Garlic Rose for lunch.

Wow, look at all those forks. The whole scene was a little overwhelming for some, so Bryan Garrett the general manager of Garlic Rose gave 'em a little orientation on what was what. "When you get an appetizer to come out to you the first piece of silverware you use is the one on the far left."

Cristi Bledsoe watches these kids during the summer and they've been on several field trips so far and they've been practicing for this one. "This was a real special outing for them. We've been practicing out manners when we eat lunch or eat breakfast.”

And they were doing really well, but when it comes to something that looks so much like onion rings, table manners are for girls. The next course was the soup or salad, several of the kids opted for the soup. It was cream of chicken, but if it's a little hot and you're not sure about it, you have to get inventive. “I have a lot of picky eaters."

But she said she was particularly proud of them because they tried everything and they learned stuff too.

Cameron: "To put my knife on the side of my plate."

And what else.

Courtney: "I've learned it's polite to have manners, its better."

Yes Courtney it is.

The Garlic Rose is considering a cooking class for kids on Saturday mornings. If you're interested in learning more call them at 918-746-4900.