US Army's " Operation Blue To Green" campaign

Thursday, July 29th 2004, 2:21 pm
By: News On 6

The war in Iraq is helping to shape a new US military. Throughout the war, military officials have depended mostly on ground troops.

As military operations, the Department of Defense is drawing on the Air Force and Navy, to help build-up the Army. A new program, called "Operation Blue to Green," allows sailors and airmen to transfer into the Army and retain their rank. The Army hopes to absorb them, as part of its recruiting goal of 80,000.

Tulsa-area recruiters say they're on pace to exceed their annual goal, even though new recruits understand they could be called to war. US Army Sgt 1st Class Keith Green: “No actually we have a tougher time with the parents; their number one reason is for service to country, just want to serve."

With Operation Blue to Green, sailors and airmen can switch to the Army with a four-week transition course, rather than nine weeks of basic training. For more information on Operation Blue to Green, visit