Fireworks stand

Saturday, July 3rd 2004, 5:41 pm
By: News On 6

Tomorrow is Independence Day a time to celebrate freedom and honor the men and women who make sacrifices for their country. Two siblings will celebrate the holiday without their parents who are both serving in Iraq. Not only do make adults serving in the war sacrifices, but so do the children and the families left behind. Alyssa and Mikael Torres are in Tulsa from Fort Hood to live with their aunt because their parents were sent to Iraq within months of each other. Sergeant J.J Torres left in January she's a secretary to an Army general. Her husband First Sergeant Anthony Torres who left in March works with Army Intelligence. Their children 11 year old Alyssa and 12 year old Mikael Torres are living with their aunt until they return. In the meantime, they're helping her run this Fireworks stand in West Tulsa. They say it's hard being away from their parents... but say they'll light fireworks to honor their parents and everyone making sacrifices for freedom.

" I miss my dad's sense of humor and my mom period. I just miss being a family."

"I know he's safe and my mom she has an office job so I know they're both safe. "

"They're so proud of 'em They believe in what he does, believe in what Mom does and know it's for a good cause."

Mikael wears his dad's dog tag around his neck to keep him close to his heart. The kids hear from mom and dad at least once a week and they will be coming home for a brief visit next week. In honor of the all those serving or who have served in the military Fireworks over Tulsa will be giving a ten percent discount until July 5th. Just visit the stand at 61st street and 33rd West Avenue.