Accused double-murderer Scott Eizember is back in Oklahoma and behind bars

Wednesday, December 3rd 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Authorities brought Eizember to the Creek County jail in Sapulpa shortly after 10 o'clock Wednesday night.

The News on 6 was the only station to bring you his arrival live on air. News on 6 reporter Heather Johnson was there and has this report.

"How's it feel? Look at me you're nothing!" Victim’s family members shouted as the accused killer was brought past in shackles. Scott Eizember did not respond.

Shortly before his arrival, deputies had scanned area rooftops fearing a possible sniper attack. Authorities set up extra security, taking no chances with the man who eluded them for more than a month. Chief Deputy Michael O'Keefe: "We have a special cell set up for Eizember it's gonna be maximum security it's a two man cell, he's being placed in there for his medical condition as well as we consider him a high escape risk."

Earlier Wednesday morning Eizember appeared before a judge in Lufkin, Texas and signed papers to waive extradition, clearing his return to Oklahoma. He was handed over in Paris, Texas where Creek County officials conducted a 2 and a half hour interview, then took Eizember out to the Bristow airport where authorities say he helped them recover the loaded shotgun investigators say was used in the murders.

Ed Willingham, Creek County Investigator: "Went out and we walked a mile or so thru the water and crossed the creek and I actually stepped on the gun." Willingham said Eizember made several admissions about the crimes, but he wouldn't go into detail about the taped interview.

Victims' family members say seeing Eizember in custody is the beginning of a sense of closure. Justin Wyatt, victims' grandson: "Hopefully, justice will be served that's the only thing we've been able to have faith in it's been hard but we've kept that faith." As the families continue to grieve, investigators who spent hours with the accused killer say he showed no emotion at all and did not appear remorseful. "No, he did not he pretty much just told how he thought it happened, how he said it happened, as far as tears, no he was just sitting and talking like we're sitting and talking."

Eizember is scheduled to appear in court Thursday. Creek County officials say they will use extra security each time he is moved from his cell.