Honda Accords are fast becoming the car of choice for Tulsa car thieves

Tuesday, November 25th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A crime that's been big on the coasts has unfortunately made its way here. Its stolen Honda automobiles, lots of them. So many, in fact, Honda is now nearing the top of Tulsa's stolen car list.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright says 60 people reported their Hondas stolen in Tulsa from September 1st to November 7th. 82% of them were Accords. 68% of them were made between 1994 and 1997.

The good news is, Tulsa Police recovered all but three of the recently stolen Hondas, the bad news is most of them had been joyrides into junk. Tulsa Police auto theft squad Sgt Jeff Cealka, "The way they were stolen is amateurish, effective, but, amateurish. What it amounts to is they're playing fast and furious in cars they don't own."

The car thief who took one Honda Accord recently led police on a chase through downtown.

The sudden increase in Honda thefts first got the attention of patrol officers, who were quick to react, they've arrested 14 people, 12 of them juveniles. The sudden jump in Honda thefts first made detectives think there was a re-numbering scam going on or a new chop shop in town, but quickly realized, it was kids looking for a fast ride and they don't care what kind of damage they do. Which was evident in the case of another stolen Honda, the suspects set it on fire when they were done with it.

Thieves don't realize or don't car the hassle and expense something like this causes car owners. Now that Hondas have gone from being barely being bothered to suddenly stolen, it's something officers are taking very seriously.

Police say there's not a lot you can do to protect your Honda besides the usual alarm and kill switch. And take comfort that Honda’s still haven’t knocked off the Tulsa’s top stolen vehicle, the Chevy pickup truck.