Flu shots are a good idea, but make sure its a nurse giving you that shot

Wednesday, October 22nd 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Flu season is here in Oklahoma so it’s a good time to get your yearly flu shot. There are some things you should know before you roll-up your sleeve according to News on 6 anchor Terry Hood.

Bernie Skinner: "Did you have the flu shot last year, every year?" It's an important question, Bernie Skinner, a registered nurse, makes sure to ask before she ever takes out a needle.

Skinner's worked as a nurse for more than forty years, and she's stuck thousands of people. "We do at least over a 150 in here everyday." Whether you go to a center or a nurse comes to you at work, health officials say there are some things you should know.

Jan Guinn, an RN with the Visiting Nurse Association: "I think its a valid concern you certainly want to know that the nurse coming into your place of business and gonna stick a sharp object in your arm is qualified."

Guinn says don't be afraid to ask questions before offering your arm. "I would ask if they have insurance, how long have they been doing this how long have they been providing this service do they have a proven track record, can they deliver on what they promise?”

One flu shot can keep you healthy throughout flu season. But Guinn says there's a very small chance you could have a serious allergic reaction. "If it should occur the nurse needs to be prepared to deal with it and have the proper drugs and knowledge to be able to save that person's life." And that's when experience and training counts.

The Visiting Nurse Association also advises you to check out the nurse's nametag to make sure he or she is a qualified professional. Look for RN, which stands for registered nurse, or LPN for licensed practical nurse.