The Union-Jenks football rivalry is being put on film

Wednesday, September 10th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Two local filmmakers want to take the Jenks-Union rivalry from the football field, to the movie theatre. They say it's a story that transcends sports. News on 6 anchor Terry Hood shows us, they believe the story is one of a community divided right down the 50-yard-line.

It's known as the cross-town clash. But the Jenks-Union rivalry is known well beyond Oklahoma's borders. Last year, ESPN came to town for the game and the match-up was spotlighted in USA Today. This year, two local filmmakers think the rivalry could make it on the big screen.

Rick Shadle: "we know for sure that there's a base of football fans out there that will be highly interested in this story because this is a phenomenon for high school." Rick Shadle and Darren Ingram with King of the Mountain Productions; say they've followed this rivalry for 15 years. And they said it was a natural fit for their film project.

Darren Ingram: when you have a game at Skelly Stadium it's not just Jenks and Union people, it's basically the whole city and I think that’s pretty special. Rick and Darren will follow both teams throughout the season but the highlight of their film is likely to come right here at Tuttle Stadium this Friday night. But this won't be just a football movie.

They're following kids on and off the field, from peewee to professional. Showing how this rivalry starts and keeps growing. Rick Shadle: “the different aspects of it how the parents and the community work together all year long, but on this night when they get together and play all bets are off it's definitely a community divided right down the 50-yard line."

Shadle and Ingram have both quit their jobs to work on the film. Their budget of about $150,000 comes mostly from a private investor. The film "King of the Mountain" should premiere in Tulsa next summer.

They also plan to enter it in various film festivals around the country.