Staying 'cool' in school when its 'hot' outdoors

Tuesday, August 19th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Triple digit temperatures can make the first days of school all the more trying for teachers and administrators.

Most kids look forward to recess. But the blazing heat kept some Broken Arrow kids indoors. News on 6 reporter Patrina Adger visited Arrow Springs Elementary School and shows how teachers keep them cool.

The dog days of summer are still beating down on us. The temperature in Broken Arrow reached 97 degrees by mid-morning. Principal Larry Smith, "students and teachers just a reminder. Today we'll have an indoor recess due to the heat index." Since the heat index was over 100 degrees the 2nd graders at Arrow Springs Elementary took their recess indoors for a game of "Heads up, Seven Up!"

Smith says the school has never had any heat related incidents, thanks in part to a strict policy. When the temperature or heat index reaches a hundred degrees or above, everyone stays inside.” We just went based on how it felt outside to the adult. That way parents can say my kids are safe at school."

The same policy applies in the wintertime. When temperatures drop below 32 degrees the playground stays empty. And the kids don't seem to mind. “It's okay- I'm not an outdoor person." 7-year-old Austin Whitaker says he would rather play inside where the temperature is cooler. But until fall rolls around, he knows what to do to keep cool. "I get a drink, get ice cream and cool off."

And drink water, lots of water!