Remembering the Korean War

Sunday, July 27th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

(Oklahoma City-AP) -- Oklahomans Cecil Lister and Cleve Kinzy remember the Korean War as if it were yesterday.

Both fought in the battle of the Chosin Reservoir during the winter of 1950, when about 25,000 American troops battled 120,000 Chinese.

They recalled bitterly cold temperatures that fell to 40 degrees below zero and bullets whizzing through the air.

Lister suffered a flesh wound during the fight. He says frigid temperatures made everything freeze and some soldiers became amputees.

Kinzy remembered helping a friend off the battlefield after the soldier was shot in the face. The bullet lodged between the soldier's brain and left eye, blinding but not killing him.

Lister returned to Oklahoma and worked in the grocery store business before retiring. Kinzy is a retired Oklahoma City firefighter.

More than 54,000 Americans died in the Korean War, which was remembered over the weekend.