Thunderstorm doesn't stop a Claremore baseball team's fundraiser

Thursday, June 26th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Wednesday’s storms almost ruined a Claremore Little League team's trip to the World Series. News on 6 reporter Rick Wells says almost ruined but not quite. Down but not out as the old saying goes.

They've got a new tent and the reopened for business Thursday evening. You know you can look at it as either the glass is half empty or half full, we've got a half full glass." Sherry Barbour with Big Blast Fireworks and parents and little leaguers are sifting though the fireworks to see what might still be good. "Those 2 things are total loss."

But most were not. In fact most were in the trailer not damaged at all. The Big Blast fireworks location near Claremore is a fundraiser for the Claremore Red Sox, an 8 and under coach pitched baseball team. Tracy Howe, parent, "we've been ranked anywhere from 1st to 6th in the state all year long."

They're good, good enough to qualify for a trip to the World Series in Sulphur, Louisiana, next month. The profits from the fireworks sale will pay for the trip. Lana Wood, another parent, was working in the tent Wednesday night when the wind brought the tent down on their heads. "I called and I said we need men, send me men." Then dads, moms, coaches and kids worked for several hours in the rain to protect the fireworks from any more damage. All would agree the extra work was worth it. "We still gotta go to the world series, so we still gotta sell this."

After all, this is bigger than any wind and rainstorm this is baseball. The tent is up and they're working hard to get the shelves re-stocked.

They will be open every day from now thru the 5th, right on the corner of Highway 20 and 145th East Avenue, about a half-mile east of US Highway 169.